Bands I’ve Worked With

3 Legged Willie
Abraham Weaver
AC and the Bad Billys (Abe Combest)
American Gypsy Band
Andy Armendariz & Eight from the Gate
Ashley Plumlee
Ashley Youngstrom
Austin John Winkler
Austin Meade Band
Back Row Sinners
Bad Rooster
Ben Balmer
Blue Collar Tweakers
Blue Water Highway
Brett McCormick Music
Bri Bagwell
Briana Adams
Brooke Graham
Bryan Cochran
Buddy Lee
Carson Taylor Alexander
Casey Arthur
Charlie Robison
Charlie Yates
Cher La-Bas
Chris Castaneda Project
Chris Manning Band
Clubber Lang
Clyde / Clyde Martin Band
Cody Justin King & the Free Beer Band
Cody Sparks Band
Cowboy Diplomacy
Curtis Grimes
Dalton Domino
Damon Curtis Band
Dan Johnson
Daniel Holmes
Daniel Todd
David Marez (Tejano)
David Neely
Dawn Maracle
Deanna Wheeler
Denny Herrin Band
Drew Fish Band
Dylan Kenny Band
Dysfunkshun Junkshun
Earl Hinton
Estrella Band (Tejano)
Flatland Cavalry
Garrett Smith
Giovanni and the Hired Guns
Glen Collins
Grupo Karicha (Tejano)
Guns n Oil Band
Hayseed Gypsies
Ian Sunrise Wolfe
Jackie Darlene
Jacks & Kings
Jaime y los Chamacos (Tejano)
James Ray Buffaloe Jr
Jamie Weston
Jarrod Johnson
Jay Satellite
John Dempsey
John Dempsy
John Lockhart
John M. Deery
Jon Austin Band
Jordan Cody
Jordan Lee and the Revelry
Josh Patton
Jukebox Heroes
Justin Michael Bell
Justin Taylor Band
Kayla Outlaw
Kevin & Michelle
KickAction Collective
Landon Bullard and the Mostly Sober
Mandy Marie & The Cool Hand Lukes
Mark McKinney Band
Mark Murphy / Todd Counter / Michael Ingalls
Matt Begley & Bitter Whiskey (aka Steel Penny)
Matt & The Herdsman
Matt Deaton
Max Stalling
Megan LaNelle Blair
Melodic Drifters
Michael Carubelli
Michael Salgado (Tejano)
Naked and Fearless – ATX TOOL Tribute
Nate Boff Band
Neil Nasset
One Less Monkey
One Ton Country
Paige & Ahnna
Paris Falls
Patton Sparks Band
Paul Logan Band
Payton Keller Band
Pearl Snaps
Perry Savard
Pete Benz
Preachers of Hell County
Rare Dog
Rick Trevino
Robert Lawhon & The Desperados
Rodney Pyeatt
Rolling Green Band
Rusty Wranglers
Sam Sliva Band
Scooter Pearce
Scott Angle and the Cold Cold Hearts
Second Hand Rose Band
Sean Orr Band
Son de Rey (Tejano)
Sophia Rock
Southern Sky (full band)
Stage of Existence
Steve Hamende & the Slackers
Stoneface Cowboys
Sunny Sweeney
Tanner Louis Band
Thawind Mills
Tornado Town Outlaws
Towne Adams Band
Triple Threat and the Boogieman
Ty Dillon
Ty Grubb
Voodoo & Moonshine Band
Whiskey Rebellion
Whit Kinslow
Will Janke
Wyatt Weaver Band
Zac Stokes Band
Zach Willard
Zack Walther Band
Zane Williams
Curtis Grimes at Dance Across Texas Cameran Nelson at Pit Stop BBQ Tent 2017